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The Joy of Discovery

Each week, I’m asked to clean my room, but what I do instead,
Is simply take the whole week’s mess to stash beneath my bed.
Then came the day I didn’t have a single thing to wear,
Or read, or dry myself with, so I took a look down there.
I found two books, three towels, some long-thought lost remotes,
Cereal and sunscreen and two fall-and-winter coats,
Pizza crust, a pillow and some shirts and underpants,
Socks and shoes, a sticky, swirly sucker . . . and some ants.

From: Underneath My Bed: List Poems
Brian P. Cleary

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Showing respect for others. Being Polite.

When Frankie held the door open for his teacher, she told him how courteous and helpful he was being.

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