Brian P. Cleary
Brian P. Cleary author
  Run and Hike, Play and Bike: What is Physical Activity?
written by Brian P. Cleary
illus. by Martin Goneau
Millbrook Press / Lerner
kindergarten to grade 3
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Physical Activity Coloring Page
Run and Hike, Play and Bike: What is Physical Activity?

What is physical activity? Moving your body in a way that uses energy—playing soccer, dancing, throwing a Frisbee, and much more.

Goofy verse and humorous illustrations give young readers a whole playground of activities and highlight some of the health benefits of exercise. Examples of physical activity are printed in color for easy identification.

Enjoy this energy booster of a book!


“A multi-hued crew of cartoon cats presents the various food groups and the practices of a healthy lifestyle. Each book reports which foods are in the titled group and provides simple explanations of how they affect the body. Cleary’s consistent reminders to children to help the adults in their lives eat better are helpful, too.” (School Library Journal, Series Made Simple)

“Although this new series is clearly designed to entertain and make learning enjoyable, the text of each volume is carefully chosen to convey an abundance of detailed information about nutrition and exercise. The series is a perfect complement to a science or physical education curriculum making a sometimes dreary topic both entertaining and memorable. Recommended.” (Library Media Connection)

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