Brian P. Cleary
Brian P. Cleary author
  A-B-A-B-A—a Book of Pattern Play
written by Brian P. Cleary
illus. by Brian Gable
Millbrook Press / Lerner
  kindergarten to grade 3
  Also available from the publisher as a multi-user e-book, interactive book, and Audisee® eBook with Audio
A-B-A-B-A—a Book of Pattern Play

In this playful look at patterns, Brian P. Cleary and Brian Gable provide many examples of repeating sequences of shapes, colors, objects, and more.

The comical cats of the wildly popular Words Are CATegorical® series show how patterns can be found all around us.

Peppy rhymes, goofy illustrations, and kid-friendly examples make pattern practice fun!


“Cleary’s zany cartoon cats, shown in Gable’s brightly colored illustrations, help define and categorize mathematical patterns. The book provides an entertaining starting point for kids learning about patterns.” (The Horn Book Guide)

“This book can be used as a read-aloud, not just in math, but to teach the basics of poetry, art, and music. This is a great addition to any school library. Recommended.” (Library Media Connection)

“Success is only around the corner if everyone would read his book of patterns. As Cleary says, ‘Knowing them will help you start a pattern of success!’” (Science Books & Films)

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