Brian P. Cleary
Brian P. Cleary author
  Crunch and Crack, Oink and Whack
written by Brian P. Cleary
illus. by Pablo Pino
Millbrook Press / Lerner
  grades 2 through 5
  Also available from the publisher as a multi-user e-book
Crunch and Crack, Oink and Whack!
an Onomatopoeia Story

Rhyming verse from Brian P. Cleary presents the fictional Clip-Clop Elementary School's celebration of "Onomatopoeia Day."

Enthusiastic young students make their way from band room (Rattle Boom Twang) to the gym (Whiff Whack Swish) to the science lab (Hiss Spurt Ding) and beyond.

Brief back matter offers additional examples of onomatopoeia—words that imitate sounds.

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