Brian P. Cleary
Brian P. Cleary author
  Chips and Cheese and Nana’s Knees: What is Alliteration?
written by Brian P. Cleary
illus. by Martin Goneau
Millbrook Press / Lerner
kindergarten to grade 3
  Also available from the publisher as a multi-user e-book, interactive book, and Audisee® eBook with Audio
Chips and Cheese and Nana’s Knees: What is Alliteration?

What is alliteration? You’ll find the answer inside this book—it’s packed with wonderful and wacky words that start with similar sounds. Remarkable rhymes and ingenious illustrations creatively present the concept of alliteration for young readers. For easy identification, key examples of alliteration appear in color, and comical cats reinforce each idea.

Chips and Cheese and Nana’s Knees: What Is Alliteration? turns traditional grammar lessons on end! Read and reread this book aloud and delight in the sense—and nonsense—of words.


“Wildly colorful, Goneau’s cartoon illustrations turn the rhythmic, rhyming verses into comically exaggerated little dramas. While many children’s books use alliteration, few actually define it or talk about it. This playful yet practical book will help kids grasp the concept.” (Booklist)

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